Westboro Baptist Church Counter-Protested by Zombies [VIDEO]
Members of the Westboro Baptist Church were up to their antics again on Friday (July 27) - you know - protesting our U.S. military and spreading their anti-gay messages by saying God is punishing our military men and women for America's views over gay marriage, and allowing gays in the military…
Spain’s Olympic Athletes Not Happy With ‘Free’ Uniforms
Here's a sad and at the same time hilarious story from Spain's Olympic team, which is getting ready for tonight's opening ceremonies. Spain is on the brink of bankruptcy, so its Olympic committee decided to save some money and get its uniforms donated -- for free -- by Russian designer Bosco. Severa…
Texas Death Row Inmate Found Dead Inside Cell
30 year-old Selwyn Davis was serving time on Texas' death row for fatally stabbing a 57 year-old woman during a burglary. He had been on death row since 2007, but was found dead in his cell last Friday (July 20).
Your Hotel Room May Not Be As Secure As You Think
Yahoo! News has a story today where they quote a Forbes report that says most hotel rooms offer virtually no security at all. Most hotel doors with keycard entry can be hacked with a piece of equipment that costs as little as $50.
City of Tyler To Offer Free Pickup of Storm Debris
Driving around Tyler this morning you may have noticed all the broken tree limbs and other brush from Saturday evening's storm that moved through the area. The City of Tyler is going to offer free pick-up of this debris through Friday (July 27th)...

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