When you think of award winning BBQ you most likely think of towns like Kansas City, St. Louis, Memphis or Austin. You may not think Tyler can stack up to those heavy hitters, but think again! Website Livability.com released a list of the 'Top 10 BBQ Cities' and Stanley's Famous Pitt BBQ on Beckham is one of the BBQ joints that helped Tyler make the list! In fact, Tyler is in the top 5 - thank you very much!

The website boasts lists of 'America's Best Places to Live and Visit.' They rate best places to raise a family, cities with the lowest crime rate, cities with the lowest unemployment, etc. The also have some fun with it - like rating the cities with the most affordable vacations, cities with the best music scenes outside of Nashville, NYC and LA. They also recently listed the top 10 BBQ cities in America - and the cool part - they stayed away from the big dogs in those "big" cities.

Their criteria -

To make our picks, we counted the number of barbecue restaurants a city had, looked at the quality of these restaurants by examining customer reviews, and in some cases, conducted our own taste tests. Looking through thousands of reviews on hundreds of barbecue joints, it's evident that people disagree on who has good barbecue. To us, it all comes down to taste.

Tyler comes in at number 5 on the list. The website highlights three BBQ joins - Stanley's, Country Tavern, and Hickory Fare!

They highlight Tyler by saying:

Cue snobs have tipped a hat to Stanley's Famous Pit Bar-B-Q. It has put Tyler's barbecue scene on the map, and the scene is a good one. The city has five bona fide barbecue restaurants and a few more that offer barbecue on the menu.

Congratulations to my boy Nick Pencis and the crew at Stanley's Famous Pit BBQ! You made us proud - yet again! To see the complete top 10 list - and maybe plan a road trip to another city - check out the list on Livability.com!