Certainly our city governments are extremely busy right now. (As always.) So, this isn't meant to be finger-pointy in any way whatsoever.

At the same time, we really, really, REALLY need an actual stop light at Grande Blvd. and Old Noonday Road in Tyler. 

Not all that long ago, Old Noonday Road was more of a pleasant "backroad" through some gorgeous East Texas countryside. However in just a few years, the development back there has significantly increased traffic as more and more businesses and homes are being built in this area.

On top of that, this "new" stretch of Grande has become part of a major traffic artery in Tyler now.

That blinking caution light? Yeah, that's just not gonna work for much longer. 

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I've personally heard of 5 wrecks that have happened at this intersection.

One of them was a family member seeking to cross N on Old Noonday Road. Another family member actually watched a car trying to cross Grande get absolutely hammered by a truck who had zoomed over that little hill on Grande going E.

The plastic shrapnel from his headlights exploded into the air like sad confetti as it rained down on the driver and the road. (Thankfully he was okay--but it was intense.)

Any time I'm looking to turn at this intersection, whatever my position happens to be, I have to be EXTREMELY careful. Here's the thing: 

There's a little hill in the road for drivers on Grande going West to East that makes it difficult to see people pulling out. That means if they're going really fast, it's dangerously difficult to slow down.

When you're on Noonday trying to cross Grande going N or S, it's also difficult to see drivers on Grande flying around the hill/bend in the road. Of course, turning left is a challenge.

But even a basic right turn is anxiety-inducing, lest someone plows into the back of you cuz they're starting at their phone or whatever.

Whatever the scenario, putting a stop light at this intersection is a HUGE priority for public safety.

Are there any other intersections in ETX that you feel need a stop light?

We REALLY Need a STOP Light at Grande & Old Noonday Road in Tyler

The caution light isn't enough anymore. The development has significantly increased traffic as more and more businesses and homes are being built in this area.

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