For anyone in the Tyler, Texas area who is ready to embrace their 'darker' side, I think we found just the event you've been looking for.

Although it's true we're a long way from Halloween, if you have an urge to delve into all things Vampire, Lycan, and Goth, you're are invited to the "Tyler Area Vampire Ball," February 12 from 7 p.m. until midnight in Tyler, Texas. It will be held at the Hampton Inn & Suites at 8962 S. Broadway.

The evening's itinerary will include delightfully darker amusements such as performances from Lauren Raqs and her Gothic Belly Dancing, Wesselini, play piercing and body painting demonstrations. They're also planning psychic readings and sinister mood-setting  music from DJ Requiem, and more.

Although there's not an official dress code, attendees are strongly encouraged to wear a costume, or at least, very dark clothing.

After all, you don't want to stand out in a bright white shirt in a room full of vampires, do you? Costuming and/or darker clothing would be most appropriate for carousing with creatures of the netherworld, wouldn't you agree? The theme this year is 'Dark Circus Masquerade.' Ooh, that sounds fun.

Ever met vampire royalty? You'll have the chance to do just that if you're interested. According to their Event page:

"You can come meet High Queen Velouria and her king along with the rest of the Royal Vampire Court of Tyler at the Ball! Visit with Lycan King Damocles Wolf, and his vampiric wife, Lia Valanthe! Along with them we will have Queen Ilona Szilagyi, Chronos Temporal, and Queen Elegia de Marquis!"

Well, well, well. ;)

Enjoy a variety of activities, including dinner, a silent auction, dancing, and more.

You'll also have a change to bid at the Ball to enjoy a VIP dinner with the member of the Royal Vampire Court of Tyler. Other items that will be a part of a silent auction include rune sets, a haunted doll, and other items, as well.

Enjoy some unique shopping with vendors, temporary airbrush and glitter tattoos, and more wickedly fun activities. So, if you find the dark and mysterious enchanting and are over the age of 18, click here to learn more and purchase tickets. Details coming regarding alcohol for those 21 or older.

Just be sure and get to bed before the sun comes up, you wicked ones. ;)

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