You can make a facemask from many things around the house, but what's most effective?  It turns out, vacuum cleaner bags my do the trick if they line the inside of the mask.

If you've ever bulk-purchased vacuum cleaner bags thinking your vacuum will last forever only to have it go on the fritz a month later, this will make good use of all of those leftover bags.

new study shows vacuum cleaner bags help suck dust out of the carpet, and they'll help keep viruses away from your face too.

The medical-grade N95 or N99 masks are most effective in decreasing the likelihood of contracting or transmitting COVID, but if you don't have access to those, scientists say you can make one out of other materials and it can be just as effective.

Researchers at the University of Arizona said things like tea towels, cotton-blend fabrics, and anti-microbial pillowcases can keep the coronavirus away.  And when those materials are paired with a good old-fashioned paper vacuum cleaner bag, it lowers the risk of COVID-19 infection by an amazing 83% during 30 seconds of exposure, and by 58% if you're exposed for 20 minutes.

The study also found scarves, bandannas, and neck gaiters, are better than nothing, but they're not very effective.

It seems like facemasks should be cheap because there isn't much material to them, but they're not, and the homemade vacuum cleaner method might save you some money in the end.  No one has to know you're wearing a Hoover.

How to Sew a Face Mask

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