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Last week I took a long-awaited vacation to one of my bucket list places - Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. I have always wanted to see its natural beauty and all the wonders the park contains. I can tell you I was not disappointed. Yellowstone is not only beautiful but amazing and if you haven't been I highly recommend you put this natural treasure on your bucket list too!

While on vacation to Yellowstone I did notice one thing - more face masks. Facial masks seemed to be making a comeback thanks to an increasing number of COVID-related cases across the nation. People were wearing masks in the airport, on the plane, car rental counter, grocery store, and even while walking around the national park and everywhere else in Jackson Hole, WY.

COVID cases on the rise

According to ABC News and CNN, the number of COVID hospitalizations has increased for six weeks now and it has many people re-evaluating their risk and wearing a mask once again.

While COVID-19 cases tick up in Texas, a state-wide government-issued mask mandate cannot be issued beginning September 1, 2023. Wearing a mask in Texas will be a personal choice beginning September 1st With the passage of Texas Senate Bill 29, local governments are now prohibited from issuing COVID-related mask, vaccine mandates as well as business shutdowns. However, private entities are not covered by this law and can enforce their own rules. (

While the threat of COVID-19 remains, we all need to take our own precautions and protect ourselves in our own way. Stay healthy East Texas!

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