In November of last year, many of us were distraught and sympathetic for East Texas' own Greenberg Smoked Turkeys company.

It was just around this time last year, just about three weeks before Thanksgiving, when we heard that Greenberg Smoked Turkey had a devastating fire at their processing plant when a freezer that held over 80,000 turkeys EXPLODED.

The fire left nothing untouched. They were then forced to suspend all of their Thanksgiving orders. A HUGE kick in the gut at one of the company's most crucial sales times during the year. The company lost over 87,000 cooked turkeys in the fire.

It also left many East Texans, and others outside of our area, wondering what on earth to do for their Thanksgiving dinner plans. After all, Greenberg Turkeys have practically become synonymous with Thanksgiving in East Texas.

President of Greenberg Smoked Turkeys, Sam Greenberg told NBCDFW:

“This is my family’s life. This is what we do. We smoke turkeys."

For over 80 years, Greenberg Smoked Turkeys have been serving one of the most delicious birds you can buy. And sans last year, that tradition will now continue.

The Greenberg family and company staff spent the rest of 2020 and all of this year so far rebuilding their iconic, much loved business from the ground up, once again. And now, they're back!

Customers of Greenberg Smoked Turkeys are overjoyed to know that one of the favorite holiday traditions is back on track.

Sam Greenberg told NBCDFW he was concerned their customers may have moved on after last year's fire.

But ya know what? I have a feeling more people than ever will be placing orders in the next few days and weeks.

Thankful to hear Greenberg Smoked Turkeys are back. Here's to continuing their amazing over-80-year tradition of bringing their signature smoked turkey to East Texas tables...and beyond.

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