The actual heart shape might not last longer than a minute or two because you'll want to tear into it, but there are are few spots in Tyler that will offer heart-shaped pizzas for Valentine's Day.  Here's where you can get 'em.

At Papa John's, you can get a thin-crust medium one-topping heart pizza and brownie for $15 or two thin-crust medium one-topping heart pizzas for $18.  Get all that food for under twenty bucks and then spend fifty bucks on the roses!  Papa John's is on South Broadway in Tyler, South Beckham, and in Longview on East Marshall and on Loop 281 among others.  Pick your fav!

Papa Murphy's will be offering the heart-shaped pizzas again too this year.  You can grab that at 1847 Troup Highway in Tyler, or 6878 South Broadway, and it's $8 for a large, then you can take it home and bake it and make the house smell great.

We could probably eat pizza every day and be happy, and this helps us continue that daily routine on Valentine's Day and not feel bad about it.  And it's a great way to show the kids you love them, and then head out for a romantic salmon and steak dinner with your spouse.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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