We are just heartbroken and horrified after hearing of a shocking tale of alleged cruelty to a baby not even yet one-year-old in Forth Worth.

NBCDFW reports that 22-year-old Forth Worth, Texas mother, Sarah Meglar, was arrested on August 3 for Felony Injury to a Child. She had been falsifying the medical history of her children so that medical professionals would order tests for her children that were, in reality, unnecessary.

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In some cases these tests were also painful. Her little boy, not even one-year-old, received a painful spinal tap due to Meglar's claims that he had sepsis back in 2020. (He did not.)

Detectives with the Tarrant County Sheriff's Office became aware of Meglar's strange behavior in spring of 2021, according to an arrest warrant affadavit. She'd brought her infant son into Cook Children's Medical Center in March claiming he "would not eat and was dehydrated. Investigators said the child was obviously overweight, but in light of Meglar's complaints, a nasal gastric tube was placed in the child."

However, unbeknownst to Meglar, security footage showed her "feeding the child with a bottle provided by doctors, refilling the bottle with formula, and reporting to nurses that the child would not take the bottle, court documents state."

Another time, Meglar claimed on one of her social media accounts that her son had Down Syndrome, which also proved not to be true after testing.

Several informants revealed to Detectives that Meglar was making up these claims on social media in order to draw attention on Facebook.

It's hard for most of us to even fathom such cruelty to children--especially to one's own. Beyond heartbreaking.

Meglar's bond should be settled by a court magistrate very soon.

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