Since there's an apparent meat shortage happening and prices for steaks and burgers are shooting higher at the grocery store, throwing a portabello mushroom on the grill this weekend is sounding like a great idea.  And have you ever grilled a peach?

Grilling fruit is a cinch, and it takes a lot less time and attention than a steak does.

PEACHES - You can slice open a peach, take the pit out and add a little olive oil, lay it on the grill for 5 to 8 minutes, and be eating a warm peach over ice cream a couple of minutes later.  The smell alone is intoxicating.

AVOCADOS - Avocados are fruits, right?  Because they have a pit.  At least that's what the kids and Alexa tell me. And just like a peach, an avocado is easy to slice open and grill, removing the pit of course.  Add a little salt and pepper and olive oil before you lay it face-down on the grill and you'll have a warm and creamy dish that you can top with corn salsa, or just eat plain with a spoon.

CAULIFLOWER - Tandoori-style cauliflower on the grill uses spices like cayenne, paprika, turmeric, cinnamon, and coriander and it's so meaty and good that your people will fight over the charred parts on the outside while they're wondering where this has been their whole lives.  Roast the whole thing, or cut the cauliflower head into 3/4-inch steaks and grill the pieces.  Spice it up and top it with your favorite spicy mayo, and it will become new favorite comfort food.

PORTOBELLO MUSHROOMS - We grill these all the time, and slice them up and eat them plain, or use them in place of the meat on a burger.  They soak up the flavor of the marinade, and balsamic vinegar is one of our favorites.

PIZZA - You could buy a pre-made crust, or whip up your own pizza crust recipe.  If you're putting the dough on the grill, just make sure you spray non-stick coating on the rack first or let it release on its own.  Add your favorite pizza toppings, close the lid, and grill it for about 15 minutes at 375-400.  Yum.

Meat shortage, shmeat mortage.  We'll be just fine.  Add chips and a beverage, and it's gonna be all right.

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