Earlier this week, we wrote about Taco Cabana coming back to Tyler after a 20-year absence. Specifically, it's their breakfast tacos that I'm most excited about having easy access to again.  Chorizo, egg & cheese w/ jalapenos & plenty of salsa for me, please- yum!  That started an office discussion about who serves up the best ones around here.

Everyone knows that Austin, Dallas and San Antonio are in a perpetual war over who has the best tacos. The problem I have with this, is that there aere so many hidden gems outside of those cities that go overlooked!

Torchy's Tacos gets a big thumbs up.  They were the only place with an East Texas location to make Wide Open Country's "Top 10 In Texas" list last year, actually finishing #1, although it was the Austin spot that was specifically singled out.

Rudy's BBQ was noted as another good nearby option.

If you want a leisurely weekends-only choice, On The Border includes tasty breakfast tacos on their brunch menu.

The Insider Food video takes a look at the super-sized breakfast taco selections offered by Juan In A Million in our capitol city.  I lived there almost 10 years & somehow missed this joint, but that'll change on my next visit.

Another staff member suggested Stanley's Famous BBQ breakfast tacos/burritos. I didn't even know they offered them up!

So what do you think?  Where do you go when you've just gotta have a great breakfast taco to satisfy that craving?  Let me know, 'cause let's face it- Taco Cabana won't be open here for awhile, & now that I've put this story together, I could really go for 1 or 2-  ok, 3 or 4, right away!

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