It's National Nachos Day, and there are ten great spots around Tyler that will help you celebrate.

Besides being National Nachos Day, November 6th is also National Marooned Without a Compass Day and National Saxophone Day.  Some national days are easier to celebrate than others.

National Nacho Day is always celebrated on November 6th, but it's especially fantastic today because the holiday has landed on a Friday and we've given up counting calories for the week.  Bring on the chips.

I don't know what we think about this though.  The most popular nacho dish, allegedly, is the Nacho Supreme -- a deep pile of nachos covered with cheese that usually includes chicken, beef, salsa, black bean, onions, and black olives with guacamole and sour cream on the side.  It's typical, but everyone puts their own twist on it to make it better.

I took an informal survey around the house, and my middle daughter said nachos piled high with ingredients would be "gross," and she described the best way to make nachos by beating her flute on the couch three times and chanting, "chips-cheese-chicken, chips-cheese-chicken..."  Just three ingredients and that's all you need.   And some couch percussion for emphasis.

The nacho was created by Agnacio "Nacho" Anaya in 1943, who lived and worked in the Mexican border town of Piedra Negras. Holiday Insights said, "After a long day of shopping, several U.S. Army wives entered the restaurant looking for something to eat. The kitchen staff had left, so Anaya went into the kitchen and went to work creating a snack for them. He cut tortillas (some say he cut up tostados) into triangles, placed some cheese and jalapenos on top, then put it into the oven to melt the cheese. When he removed it from the oven, the nacho was born."

So, which local spots have the best nachos?  (Besides your kitchen, which cranks out the best chips-cheese-chicken combo, of course.)

The ten best Mexican restaurants in Tyler, according to Yelp:

1. Javi’s - 7212 Old Jacksonville Hwy
2. Abuelo’s Mexican Restaurant - 8926 S Broadway Ave
3. Mercado’s - 2214 Wsw Lp 323
4. Margarita’s Mexican Restaurant - 1327 E Front St
5. Don Juan On The Square - 113 E Erwin St
6. Tacos Mexico - 1510 E Gentry Pkwy
7. El Mejicano - 678 W Southwest Loop 323
8. Mama’s Restaurant - 2105 East 5th St
9. La Plazita - 11980 State Hwy 64 W
10. Chuy’s - 5935 S Broadway

Happy Nachos Day!  And if you're not feeling that, there's always the saxophone.

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