Maybe you thought that $26 hot dog at the Ballpark in Arlington wouldn't last long after it was introduced in 2012.  Surely there wouldn't be much demand for a hot dog as long as your son's arm.  It's gluttonous.   Oh, but it's popular!  And the enormous dog made the ESPN spotlight this week.

During the Yankees-Rangers game Monday night, ESPN showed the hot dog being built, with the 2-foot long dog being laid down first, and then the chili and cheese and grilled onions on top.  The announcers were amazed of course.  But it's kind of old hat for Rangers fans now.  We've been polishing it off for three years now.

The Rangers say the dog is big enough for four people to split, and then perhaps the $26 shelling out of cash for a hot dog isn't so bad.  I've also seen dudes polish off the entire thing themselves, with maybe a bite or two going to the kids.

Which is a bigger draw to the Ballpark:  the baseball team or the snacks?  It might be both.  The Rangers aren't the only team to go wild with the gigantic, loaded, insane concessions.  See some others here.

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