We all know Texas barbecue is the best in the entire world.  Better than Carolina and Kansas City, right?  What's the best barbecue joint in East Texas?

These Irish folks trying barbecue for the first time, are just discovering the greatness of ribs and brisket.  They say things like, "It tastes better than it smells," and "It tastes better than it looks."  Apparently nobody told them that corned beef and brisket are the same thing, just cured differently!

It seems to me that a beer-drinking land like Ireland would love making food that takes 14 hours to smoke, because that's prime chill-out-and-drink-something-frothy time. But the lengthy cooking process seems hard for them to wrap their brain around.

We'll drink their beer and eat their Scotch Eggs in a couple of weeks for St. Patty's Day.  Then we'll get back to the barbecue.

Texans are the masters of barbecue at home, and at restaurants.  What's the best in East Texas?  Stanley's Famous Pit Barbecue in Tyler?  Lufkin BBQ in Lufkin?  You tell us.

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