7-Year-Old YouTuber Makes Millions
Most seven-year-olds are still learning to tie their shoes and spell two-syllable words. This one topped Forbes' list of high YouTube earners last year...and he started when he was three.
One East Texas City is the Worst in Texas?
This video has been viewed more than 60,000 times on Youtube, probably by people who are getting upset and trying to defend their city.
The video picks out ten cities in Texas to be the worst, and an East Texas town is holding down the number one spot.
These Are the Top Spots to Visit in Texas
If you haven't decided yet on your destination for a Memorial Day Weekend road trip, this will serve as some inspiration.  The Riverwalk in San Antonio is a spot everyone seems to know about, but there are some hidden gems here too.
This Texan Doesn't Like Complainin'
Chad Prather is a Youtuber that calls himself "unapologetically southern." And he loves Texas so much, it really bugs him when outsiders complain about our state.  Have you seen this?
Elderly Gamer Bullied By YouTuber Has The Last Laugh
Meet Tony.
Tony is a 60-something year old, chain-smoking widower who enjoys spending his time playing online games. Runescape is his go-to, although he's also been known to be fond of World of Warcraft.
Like many gamers more than half his age, Tony also live-streams his game play on Twitch...

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