As of September 1st 2021, the 'Constitutional Carry Law' went into effect.

The short version? That means any Texan over the age of 21 can carry a handgun without a license.

However happy one may be about this, perhaps this a good time to refresh ourselves on gun safety. With privilege comes responsibility.

And one of the most responsible things we can do as Texans to protect our guns so they don't fall into the wrong hands--and EVEN MORE important to protect our family and friends, is to make sure they are stored in a safe manner.

Thomas Def, Unsplash
Thomas Def, Unsplash

And, according the Texas Department of Public Safety, they mean 'stored in a SAFE' manner quite literally.

Even if you opted for a safety method other than a safe, it's important to peruse the options.

The Texas DPS posted on their Facebook page the importance of keeping those firearms safe. And they've even made a recommendation:

"Gun safes are a great way to safely store multiple firearms and should be secured down to prevent theft."

Perhaps this feels like one more tedious step for any gun owner. But truly, I believe Texas DPS is 100% correct when they say "practicing safe gun storage protects our kids, prevents accidents, and keeps our guns out of the hands of criminals. Together, we can KEEP ‘EM SAFE, TEXAS!"

Photo source: Texas DPS
Photo source: Texas DPS

They've even provided more info for any would-be gun owners who want to do a little research into gun safety. Here are the three main steps they recommend:

Safely Store Firearms. "Store unloaded and secured by using a trigger lock, biometric lock, gun case, strongbox, gun cabinet or gun safe."

Safely Store Ammunition. "Store and lock ammunition safely."

Restrict Access. "Keep others from getting access to stored firearms 24/7. That includes family, friends, children, or other visitors."

Making sure these guns don't fall into the wrong hands is even more crucial than ever. You may want to consider getting a gun safe or checking out some of the other recommendations they've made here.

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