More and more East Texans are looking to find great spots to grab a bite in our area at places with cool outdoor spaces. Thankfully, we are seeing more restaurants and hot spots doing just that.

Although in the humid, sweltering heat of August, it's extra nice when these outdoor seating areas have fans or at least some shade, too. Many do. When the weather is nice in East Texas? Well, there are few things more delightful.

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On top of that, a large number of East Texans are sincere animal lovers and pet guardians. Anyone who sincerely loves their dogs knows that they are truly some of our very best friends.

And after a long, busy day at work or running the kids here, there, and everywhere, we love heading home to our furry friends and spending time with them, too. What to do?

Ideally, we can find great breweries, restaurants, and hangout spots that offer outdoor areas where we can bring our best furry friends WITH us! Hey, that's a win-win-WIN.

Recently, a fellow East Texan asked this very question on a local social media group page. (In this case, they were asking about Tyler, specifically:

Where are some of the best restaurants, breweries, or hotspots in Tyler that offer patio or outdoor setting where you can also bring your dog? Here were some of the top responses. (We would suggest going ahead and calling ahead JUST to be sure that hasn't changed before loading up your doggie darlings and heading out.)

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