So, you know the feeling. It's late. You on the couch, nice and cozy, watching that weird movie and melting into some kind of comfortably numb human goo. But then, you start thinking about how nice it would be to have that bean burrito from Taco Bell right now. But alas, that would require moving and *gasp* driving to get it. Tiny despair sets in. #firstworldproblems

Well, rejoice, for Taco Bell has announced delivery! Yep, they'll bring it right to your door, or rather GrubHub will, but either way, your problems are solved. Well, at least that one. You may be thinking "well, that's great, but won't it be cold and plastic by the time it arrives?"

Well, here's the thing: Apparently, this happy partnership between Taco Bell and Grubhub means that somehow, based on some internal organization, the completion of your order and your pickup time *should* just about align. That means, it'll be as fresh as it would've been had you picked your lazy bum up off the couch and drove there yourself. ;) For a limited time, any order over $12 incur no additional delivery fee. Enjoy.

You can check to make sure you are in the delivery range here and check out their original joyous Twitter announcement below.

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