Family's in town, there's the big turkey dinner, parades and holiday specials on TV, but what's one to do when all this is over? When you're tired of listening to aunt Sally talk about you when you were a little, when you've consumed way too much food and checked out all the parades on television, what is there to do? Well, a lot of us will be turning to our phones and tablets and searching Google for ideas on what to do!

Thanks to Google, they have broken down by state what we've been searching for. Looking back on 2016, the most commonly searched for location after Thanksgiving was a department store, but when broken down by state things look quite a bit different!

Apparently, here in Texas we're looking for entertainment in the form of bicycle sharing! Now, I'm not too sure who's sharing whose bicycle because I rarely see them on the road, much less around Thanksgiving! At any rate, that's what the most searched for thing in Texas during Thanksgiving. I'm surprised Texas isn't lined up with Maine or Vermont because folks there are looking for a bar!


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