"Ooh, say can you see?"

Hey, what are you doing July 4th weekend? Well, here's a heads up that Heart of Tyler, Inc.'s Third Annual 'Red, White & Booze Downtown Bar Crawl' is set for July 6! If you attended last years' you know it was an absolute BLAST.  From what we hear, this year is going be even bigger and better!

It all starts at the Heart of Tyler office downtown. You'll get your groups, get your map, and begin to "crawl" around the great establishments all throughout downtown Tyler. As a ticket holder, you'll get one-of-a-kind drinks at each location, as well as extra special deals on snacks. There are door prizes to win all throughout and extra team games will be incorporated this year to boost your team's spirit! Of course, just like Americans, all are ultimately all on the same team so it's just for fun. Competitive fun, but fun nonetheless. ;)

The tentative time is set for 12 noon until 6 p.m., but that could change so it's best just to connect with the page here. Plus you will be updated as soon the date for ticket sales is released. It SOLD OUT quick last year.

There will also be a special 'Toast to Red, White, and Booze' event at downtown's Garage Bar on June 6 (not to be confused with the crawl itself, which is scheduled for JULY 6.) This June event is to raise the hype for the Bar crawl event in July. From the scoop we've been getting, there will be a special surprise to all attendees, too.

Go ahead and mark your calendar for the 'Red, White & Booze Downtown Bar Crawl' July 6. While you're at it, make plans to attend the June 6th event, too. There are sponsorships available, too.

"All proceeds will go to Heart of Tyler - the only non-profit solely dedicated to revitalizing and maintaining downtown Tyler."

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