East Texas healthcare worker, Dr. Leroy Collum, lost his life to COVID-19 in 2020, but his memory lives on in New York City. 

Dr. Leroy Collum was a preacher as well as a doctor and lost his life to Covid-19 last year. His family said he was a man who selflessly served others even when he knew his own health was at risk and was working as a geriatric psychologist when he came down with the virus.  Dr. Collum died on Monday, August 3rd in Tyler at Christus Trinity Mother Frances.

An artist's rendering is hanging on the New York Life Building in New York City now as part of the Hero Art Project in partnership with the Brave of Heart Fund and ARTHOUSE.NYC.  The project honors healthcare workers who gave their lives to help others during the pandemic.

Dr. Collum's son said he knew the risk he was taking and he remained dedicated to helping people because he knew his patients needed him.

Braveheartfund.com says this:

Dr. Collum spent many years as a Baptist pastor of the First Baptist Church in Quitman, Texas. As a pastor, he realized that counseling others was one of his strong suits. He returned to school and earned a PhD in psychology. He became a professor of psychology, opened a private practice, a treatment center for youth, and he wrote a book on weight loss. He was serving as a geriatric psychologist at numerous nursing homes at the time of his death at age 87.

Dr. Collum also worked hard to help his patients overcome COVID-19-related issues like isolation and depression.  His portrait was created by artist Chris Collum, and you can view that one and several others HERE.

The Brave of Heart Fund says it has granted over $20 million dollars to nearly 600 families so far, and if you know someone who might qualify, they're accepting applications through December 31st, 2021.

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