If we're honest, I think we can all agree that living our modern lives, although filled with convenience and much for which to be grateful, can feel a bit frantic.

Between our continual endeavoring to be successful, balance work and home life, and get the kids to all of their various activities to help them springboard, as well, into the aforementioned "successful life," some of us may feel that we're barely able to keep up with the demands.

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As much as none of wished for a pandemic to sweep in and put a grinding halt to the lives we were so recently living, there is usually a silver lining in even the darkest of clouds. This call to stay home as much as is possible has put busy East Texans in a position to be "forced" or compelled to spend more time, in addition to binge-watching all of those things we've been to keep up with, reflecting on what we've been prioritizing in our lives.

From the friends and family members with whom I've spoken, many feel a bit like the universe has sent all of us to our respective "rooms" for a bit of quiet time. Honestly, I think we've needed more of that.

Some of us are finding the extra time with family has created a scenario to be introspective and to be grateful for our loved ones and just the basic gift of health. In an effort to keep ourselves and our families healthy, we've focused on hygiene, making more nutritional family meals together, and enjoying quieter moments--all things that, let's face it, can be all too rare.

While we all hope that the coronavirus comes under control and we can get back to our normal lives and work, I personally hope that we are able to reimagine our priorities and remember, when this is all over, the things that matter most to us and live our lives accordingly.

Stay safe, dear friends.

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