Have you perchance seen this apparently Pro-Biden, wildly decorated vehicle driving around East Texas lately--Panda Bear and Tigger in tow?

A friend of mine happened to see this in Mineola, Texas yesterday near the CVS and was much taken aback by this wildly decorated Toyota SUV. I myself haven't seen it, but apparently, quite a few folks around East Texas have.

From what we can see in the photo, it would appear this is a Pro-Biden...Panda Bear? Well, it does have a couple of Biden banners, and references are painted all over the vehicle in vibrant pink, blue, and yellow. There appears to be a Panda Bear passenger and a stuffed Tigger plush toy is hanging out the driver's side. (Don't worry, there appears to be a human driver, however.)

As far as what is happening on the top there... I have no idea. Some say it looks like an assortment of things all meshed together like a colorful, confused roller coaster that's decided to fold in upon itself.

Are we sure this is a serious Biden supporter he saw at the CVS in Mineola, Texas?

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Look guys, this is definitely not a political post. We don't care if they're promoting Teddy Roosevelt or Elvis Presley in this regard. We're focusing on the vehicle itself. Wherever one falls on the political spectrum--that's quite a sight to see.

The reason some wonder if it's an actual supporter of President Biden is because they think it may be a parody stunt of some kind. They asked if a serious supporter of any political candidate would drive around town in such a vehicle which may, in some people's eyes, denigrate the candidate for which they seek to show support.

Others commented (likely coming from another political viewpoint) that 'this is EXACTLY the type of vehicle [they'd] expect a Biden supporter to drive.'

So what about you? Have you seen this vehicle?

Do you think it's a joke or a sincere, albeit playful, show of support?

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