We can't get online without seeing pictures of food, but there's something new that's popping up alongside the photos of double cheeseburgers and Cuban sandwiches. One of the craziest new food trends is to put ice cubes in cereal. Hmm. What's the benefit?

Sometimes the milk just isn't cold enough straight out of the fridge, but when you toss in three or four ice cubes solves that problem. Ice cold milk is refreshing, and it helps the cereal stay crispy a little longer.

Doesn't the milk get watered down as the ice melts? Not if you eat it fast enough. I tried it, and it's not bad. But this is coming from a girl who put ice cubes in her milk every day at lunch as a kid.

Ice cold milk is better than slightly-colder-than-room-temperature milk, and cereal lovers are starting to hit social media with that idea. Yay or nay?

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