We found these light-up cereal boxes today that illuminate store shelves. These are just a marketing demo, but there's a good chance this electrical induction technique will be lighting up grocery stores in the near future.

We've got the video, along with a few other mind-blowing examples of the future of point of purchase display gadgetry.

The cereal boxes are reminiscent of the famous Esquire 75th Anniversary issue, which used e-ink to flash messages to the magazine's reader.

This Virtual Changing Room by Cisco represents the logical evolution of the online tools that allow you to try on virtual glasses from home. There's a good chance you'll be doing this from home too one day.

Or maybe you'll deal with a virtual personal shopper? OK, this seems a bit dated.

Or maybe it really will be like a sci-fi flick, where everything (everything!) is holograms.

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