It’s been a few years since that Dateline NBC special was taking place called “To Catch a Predator”, but it seems like something similar to that show took place here in East Texas. Last week the Texas Department of Public Safety released details about six people who were arrested after they conducted an undercover investigation into predators soliciting minors online for sexual purposes. 

This operation that took place leading to the six arrests is because multiple law enforcement agencies were all working together to stop sexual predators online. The law enforcement agencies that all worked on this investigation include Smith County Sheriff’s Office Investigators, Tyler Police Department, Smith County District Attorney’s Office, Longview Police Department, Collin County Sheriff’s Office Investigators, Investigators with the Smith County TAG (Anti-gang unit) and Texas Highway Patrol.  

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Four of the Six Arrested Are From East Texas 

As you will see below listed with their mugshots, four of the six suspects that were arrested during this operation are from East Texas. This is a reminder that these crimes happen everywhere including here in our community. It’s another example of why we need to teach all kids to be safe and avoid engaging with people they don’t know online. 

What Is the Punishment in Texas for Soliciting a Minor Online? 

Currently the crime is considered a second-degree felony which can land someone in prison for up to 20 years and include a fine up to $10,000. 

Here is a list of the suspects who were arrested and the mugshots that have been released. 

  • Rayme Everett of Tyler, 22 
  • Christopher Terrell of Troup, 41 
  • Luis Lopez of Jacksonville, 30 (no mugshot available)
  • Peyton Brewer of Troup, 20 
  • Jeremy Martin of Dekalb, 42 
  • Kevin Bokoutou of Dallas, 21 

Mugshots from Sexual Predators Soliciting Minors Online

Here are individuals arrested in East Texas for soliciting minors online.

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