If you've heard about the national egg shortage and you have the urge to hoard eggs, you won't be able to.  At least not at H-E-B stores across Texas.  They're limiting the number of egg cartons that a customer can buy so there's enough for every refrigerator to have some.  Oh boy.  Why is this happening?!

It seems the hens that are able to produce can't keep up with the demand for eggs. The bird flu has killed 20 million egg-laying hens in the past month, and that is a severe hit to the number of eggs that are available to groceries stores, and therefore our skillets, waffle batter, and cakes.

There are other effects of the egg shortage.  Whataburger cut its breakfast hours this week because of this egg crisis.  Eating breakfast out may become a challenge not only because of the shortened hours, but because you know the restaurants will be raising prices on dishes that include eggs, because they're having to pay more to stock them.  And prices of cartons at the grocery store are creeping up because eggs are in such short supply. There's always cereal.

We've been taking 20 million hens for granted all this time.  Here's hoping those hard working ladies that survived the bird flu can keep the eggs coming!  And if you have backyard chickens, you might be able to make some extra grocery money right now.

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