Thursday night, April 25, 6 p.m., I was at AMC Theater in Tyler seated in auditorium 8, seat N4. I was there to enjoy what is the most anticipated movie ever, Avengers: Endgame. As someone who has been following the Marvel Cinematic Universe since the beginning, this has been a long wait. And frankly, it was worth every minute of that wait.

Avengers: Endgame lives up to and surpasses the hype.

I also had one of the most enjoyable movie watching experiences. The theater didn't have an empty seat. Most everyone had found their seat before the trailers began. I will say, AMC almost screwed up our viewing. When the first trailer started, it was in 3D. We were not watching a 3D movie. Halfway through the second trailer, it was fixed. Crisis averted.

When the trailers were done, we all clapped as the movie began. I think we were more excited the 30 minutes of previews were done.

Be prepared to feel every emotion possible watching Endgame; despair, joy, sadness, laughter (of which there are many, many many, gut busting moments) and you will cry on multiple occasions, bring tissues.

Every moment was felt by everyone in the theater. We cheered together, we laughed together, we could hear our sniffles as we got through the toughest parts.

My only hope is that you are seated in a theater with as much energy, excitement and anticipation as I was in. Avengers: Endgame is great without it but, man, it makes everything so much better.

Plus I got this really cool poster that will be framed and on my wall soon.

Michael Gibson / Townsquare Media
Michael Gibson / Townsquare Media

By the way, if you think you've pieced together the movie based solely on the trailers and clips released, you are in for a huge surprise because you don't know anything about the movie.

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