Anyone who thinks they're cool to go online and reveal details of a big TV show or blockbuster movie before most have had a chance to see it are, frankly, not. As a matter of fact, whoever that person is, to put it lightly, is the person who comes to the party and immediately sucks all the fun out of it to the point that everyone leaves. Don't be that person.

Avengers: Endgame has become the most anticipated movie in the history of cinema. Some estimates put it at making $900 million worldwide this weekend. Yes, in one weekend. Endgame opens tonight (April 25) and that means some people looking for website clicks or Youtube views will want to get online tonight and spill all the details.

They'll disguise their headline to trick you into watching or reading it and immediately, the movie or TV show is ruined for thousands of people. There has been a video running around for about two weeks now that supposedly reveals the last five minutes of Avengers: Endgame. Whoever that person is that posted it, you're a straight up a hole.

It would be nice if Youtube or whoever had a better way to filter this kind of stuff out so true fans can experience their TV show or movie while being truly surprised at what happens.

Having said all that, I will be giving a review tomorrow morning. It will be actually be less of a review and a more of the experience of seeing it. That's what a sane person does when talking about something like this.

Plus, when the directors of the movie, Joe and Anthony Russo, write a letter about not spoiling the movie, let's listen to them.

If you see it before your friends or online followers, good for you. Just don't ruin the experience for them.

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