Well, I confess some of these "National Days" seem somewhat silly to me. I mean, who needs a "National Day of Jelly Bean Sorting?" Actually, I don't know if that's a real thing, but it could be. There's seems to be a day for everything else. Maybe we should start one? Hmm.

ANYWAY. I am one hundred percent completely on board with "National Coffee Day." Ah, coffee. That aromatic, seductive, life-restoring liquid we hobble half zombie-like to obtain each morning so that we may resume being human and get on with our days.

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My particular coffee obsession began as a kid. My dad gave me a sip of his coffee--his was always quite sugared and creamy--and I fell in love. Now, being as I was a child and had semi-responsible parents who loved me, they weren't down with me becoming a daily coffee drinker at the age of eight. However, I discovered coffee ice cream. My world was forever changed. *cue angels singing*

As I got older I discovered my obsession for all kinds of coffee-flavored things, including tiramisu. OMG. *drifts away upon a daydream made of lady-finger sponge clouds while espresso rains from the heavens.*

OK I'm back. As soon as I was able, I began my love affair with coffee immediately. It started simply enough. Some coffee with tons of sugar and cream. It evolved to a more adult balance until finally I started drinking it black. But then, that meant--I had to find GOOD coffee. So I learned more about coffee beans and techniques and espresso and so on.

I love it all.

On top of that, turns out it may be good for us! Oh, wait...is it?! It seems the consensus changes daily. OK, ready for that promised link to find freebies and special deals on September 29? Here it is:  2020 FREE COFFEE DEALS HERE

[Video sourced from SNL YouTube page]

Coffee tastes like hope to me. :) Speaking of hope--Here's a few quotes on that very subject from a great American President of the past for you to peruse while you sip your coffee:

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