Ah, cats. The great thwarters of human activity. I can't even tell you how many times I've been RIGHT in the middle of a writing project, finally thought of the "perfect sentence," and UP comes the cat who insists on prancing across my keyboard before turning and laying across my laptop. "Perfect sentence?" Yeah. Gone.

However, it's not like I can get mad with a friendly, furry creature who just wants to be exactly where I am at that moment. How many friends do we get in this life who actually like us that much? So, instead I sit back annoyed and stare until my face melts into a smile and I feel my tension dissipate. *Sigh.*

Last night, I was changing the sheets on the bed and Jasper the Cat was not EVEN about to let me finish that activity. For one, he doesn't let me *make* the bed in peace without attacking every mattress corner I've tried so sincerely to perfect. So a full sheet-changing event? Yeah, he can't even...

I was pretty exhausted last night so, again, I was annoyed and told him so. He was not to be dissuaded. Thus the struggle continued until my annoyance collapsed into laughter at how committed he was to getting my attention away from the sheet changing and on to extra playtime with his favorite feathered toy stick--whatever they're called.

Whether you're a cat or dog person, there's a good chance you've had similar experiences. Ever managed to cook something particularly aromatic without the dog wandering in and staring up at you longingly? How about having friends over and the dog decides to jump up joyfully on that one friend that's not particularly "into animals." Yeah, that's fun.

Despite the initial annoyance, isn't it funny how they can win us over? It's like they are inviting us to just be in the moment with them. Just stop and play. Relax. Be here right now with me, they seem to say. And when we do, isn't it one of the best things that happened that day?

Nowadays, instead of maintaining the struggle to overcome their advances upon my human endeavors, I just stop. Take a moment and play with them. It always relaxes me and it always seems to make them happy, too. Which makes me happy. And heck, what's better than that?

***ffggggggggg## (Whoops. There goes the cat. I guess I'm done now.)

Have a relaxing weekend, friend. <3

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