We all know that people in East Texas get a little excited when there is something new in town, especially when we’re talking about restaurants. It’s been fun to see the buzz grow about a new restaurant that opened it’s doors this week. 

Most people remember the old seafood restaurant Breakers near Rice Road and Old Bullard Road in Tyler. That restaurant shut down which is now the location of the new restaurant called Mojo’s Cantina and Grill.  

Breakers Seafood
Canva/ Google Maps

What Kind of Food is Served at the New Restaurant in Tyler? 

With a name like Mojo’s Cantina and Grill you know that tacos will be on the menu but according to their Facebook page they will also feature steaks, seafood, and specialty burgers. The theme is a mix of flavors, warm hospitality, and culinary creativity. 

While I haven’t had a chance to stop by yet, I know some friends that stopped by already and spoke with the owner and got some great information about the new restaurant. They are starting with beer and wine but are just waiting for permits to allow a full bar for all customers.  

Mojo's Cantina & Grill
Facebook via Mojo's Cantina & Grill

Friday is the First Full Day Open for Business 

Today, the staff is working on getting ready for the full opening but will have limited hours from 11am-4pm. Tomorrow, Friday, June 14th, Mojo’s will be open all day from 11am to 11pm.  

If you happen to swing by the newest restaurant open in Tyler, make sure you drop us a note in our app and let us know what’s the best thing on the menu.  

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