So...Just when you set your taste buds on a McRib, McDonalds drops it from the menu.  I know, I know.  It's not easy to be a fan of the McRib. It's kinda like that non-committal girlfriend.  Once you really make up your mind to get serious and fall in love, it's gone.

The McRib has been an off-and-on offering at McDonalds for years, and its last appearance was in 2011.  And fans of that boneless pork sandwich will be happy to know it's coming back at "most McDonalds restaurants."

The McRib started to appear on menus at some locations over the weekend, and there's a wider rollout planned today.  And there's a guy that set up to help you track one down before you get in the car.

Now if we could just figure out how they get that meat into the shape of ribs, without the bones. I guess some greatness we just shouldn't question.