Another story of fantastic idiots, because only true idiots would think to do this. A man and woman were arrested Strait out of a idiots mind comes another set of parents who think just leaving their 20-month-old child in a locked room at The Hard Rock Casino while they go drink and gamble is cool.Natalie Fouche and Albert Thomas from Miami allegedly left their little boy alone inside the hotel room while they went for dinner, drinks and to the casino. The boy was left alone for about 45 minutes.

Both were charged with  cruelty toward a child and are held on $1,000 bonds.

According to police, the couple said the child was sleeping and they unplugged the phone so he wouldn't wake up (how sweet of them ... not). Hotel security went to the room because the phone system alerts the hotel that it was unplugged.

Of course, after getting thrown in the slammer, both said they didn't have the money for bail. But they did have enough to party without their kid!

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