The Tyler Loop is an East Texas-based website that focuses on in-depth journalism and telling the stories of East Texas. However, they also offer unique East Texas experiences. Most recently, they had their "Out of the Loop" storytelling event featuring East Texans telling their true stories in their own words.

Now, they're incorporating some of our unique culinary flare. What's one thing almost all East Texans love? TACOS.

Now, you have the opportunity to take The Tyler Loop 'Taco Tour!' The first stop will be this Sunday, April 28, from 12:30 until 2 p.m. Your $15 ticket includes lunch AND a unique East Texas-focused culinary conversation.

They've teamed up with "taco expert," Octavio Tellez who will guide you to some of "Tyler's most interesting, authentic, delicious food—and the people and stories behind it."

The first stop this Sunday? El Norteño in northeast Tyler. You'll be treated to a "custom, regionally-inspired taco plate" that is one of a kind in Tyler. And again, the food will be amazing--but so will the conversations it will inspire. The Tyler Loop wants to build bridges and connect people in our diverse city, and they believe that by engaging this way, we can start having the conversations that will shape the future of Tyler and East Texas in the years to come.

Come be a part of this conversation--and enjoy some incredible food at the same time. There are only a limited amount of tickets available, so get yours now via The Tyler Loop Facebook page.

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