It might be the ultimate way to spend part of your Valentine's weekend.  A wine and beer tour will take you to Edom and Ben Wheeler, and there's food in it for ya too.

They'll pick you up at noon on Saturday, February 15th, at ETX Brewing Co., just off the square in Tyler, and then you'll head out on the Be My ValenWine tour for the afternoon.

They'll start with a visit to Green Goat Winery in Edom, and you can sample some of the wines in the tasting room.

Then it's on to the Vintage Cork 917 in Ben Wheeler for an exclusive tasting of special Texas wines.  Since the boutique shop might be too cute for the guys, they want you to know that the Blade Bar is right next door and you can that's a good place to keep your man card.  You can see the bladesmith work of Forged in Fire's Jonathan Sibley there.

The tour price includes lunch in Ben Wheeler, and it's your choice among The Forge Bar and Grill, Moore's Store, and Vintage Cork 917.  After lunch, browsing through shops, and sampling more wine, the tour will head up to White Fox Vineyards in Murchison for some of their award-winning blueberry wine.  Blueberry!  If they can turn blueberries into syrups and jellies, why stop there.  Turn 'em into alcohol too.

At last check they still had space for you on the tour, so click HERE to reserve your spot.  ETX Brewing Co. is located at 221 S. Broadway, Tyler, TX, and once the wine tour is over you can hang out there a little more, eat, and watch some games.

Oh, and it's Presidents Day on Monday so it may be a three-day weekend for ya.  Carry that Valentine's love hangover right into Saturday, and see what happens from there.

If you know of a fun event this weekend, send it to me!  We'll keep the ideas coming.

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