How much sleep do you get? One in three people are under 7 hours per night, and there are all sorts of scary new health risks that come with that.  And if you go without sleep long enough, it's just like being drunk.  Yikes!

They did a new sleep study in the UK that concluded that losing sleep connects with cancer, cardiovascular disease, mental health, and it can be related to obesity.

They also found that a lack of sleep affects the body just like wine, beer, and spirits do.  But if there's any good news in this, that  drunk effect doesn't kick in right away, and you really have to be up for a long time before you start wobbling and slurring your words.  After 17 hours without sleep, your body thinks it has a blood alcohol concentration of 0.05%.  After 24 hours without sleeping, the BAC launches above .10%, or in other words, people start thinking you're really wasted.  Nope, just up all night studyin' for a test.

It can be frustrating when they release the "recommended amount" of something like sleep, because it's not like we don't try, right?  Ok, cool!  You sleep experts come on over and put the kids to bed and get the laundry done and finish answering work emails while we go conk out for an extra hour or two.  We agree that sleep would be nice, but it's hard to get sometimes.

This news makes me either want to try harder to sleep, or just drink more.  I can't decide which.

But I hope you have a restful weekend full of good zzz's.  Cheers!

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