The weather in Tyler is just fine, so it's hard to imagine exactly how bad it is right now on the East Coast as Hurricane Sandy makes her way into New York and New Jersey. There are blizzard warnings in places like West Virginia, because Sandy is mixing with a winter storm there, and meteorologists say that's the first time in history a storm like that has been created - hurricane meets winter storm. And we look out the window and see nothing of the sort. Wanna help those who need it?

The American Red Cross says there are blood drives up and down the Eastern Seaboard that are being cancelled because of Hurricane Sandy, and they're advising those of us in areas that are unaffected by the hurricane to donate if we're able.

The Red Cross of course has the ability to move blood from East Texas to the East Coast if it's needed, so donations here can have a direct impact on those affected by the storm. All blood types are needed from anyone age 17 or over with a valid ID, and in overall good health.

Contact the American Red Cross of the East Texas Area for more.

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