If you or someone you know is looking to book a hotel room in Tyler any time soon, think again! The horrendous weather conditions being caused by Hurricane Laura is pushing evacuees to occupy 100% of Tyler's hotels, according to a report by KLTV News.

Schools and colleges are closing their doors to students for the rest of this week due to the increasing winds, rain, and flash flooding occurring in East Texas. Hurricane Laura is no joke! Already predicted to reach a Category 5 level of strength, this massive storm is bringing with it destructive weather.

People are hurriedly grabbing their most important possessions, pets, and the clothes on their backs to escape this turbulent natural disaster.
What can you do if you want to help those fleeing their homes along the Gulf Coast?

The American Red Cross in East Texas has sites prepped to receive evacuees and give them access to shelter resources. You can refer to their website here to see how you can render assistance. A convention center in Austin has opened its doors to those seeking sanctuary from the cyclone. Texas A&M University-Commerce in East Texas is also offering limited space should the Emergency Management department need it.

The Texas Hurricane Center recommends calling 2-1-1 to get a list of emergency shelters, access to open food banks, and other hurricane disaster services.
To get the latest up to minute road conditions during the next few days, please check this website at DriveTexas.org.

Make sure you have an emergency plan in place for your family should you have to leave your home quickly to avoid windstorms and flash floods. If you haven't already, pack a suitcase with a large flashlight, extra batteries, a fully charged backup wireless phone charger, non-perishable foods and snacks, a couple of rolls of toilet paper, blanket, pillow, water bottle (full of water), matches, candles, GPS device if you have one, and your ID, Social Security Card, Birth Certificate, and spare cash.

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