Have you ever cleaned your grill with an onion?  Me neither!  A top grilling tip is to cut the onion in half and use the flat side to scrub and clean the grill instead of using a scraper. Onion lovers are high-fiving on that idea.  But wouldn't it make you cry?

Another top grilling tip is to microwave the meat before you stick it on the grill.  It speeds up the process, and basically allows you to do all the major cooking inside, and just the finishing touches on the grill.  Kinda defeats the purpose of grilling since you don't get to stand around and drink beverages with your grilling mates and I wonder if it would make the food taste rubbery.  But okay!

Use an empty 6-pack container to hold the ketchup and mustard and relish.  The fun part might be emptying the 6-pack container.

Crumpled up aluminum foil also works as a grill cleaner.  Who needs the brush when you've got foil and an onion apparently.

The 4th of July is the biggest grilling weekend of the year.  But despite what the experts say, my advice is to grab a brisket or some ribs that take a really long time to cook, crack open a beverage, pull up a lawn chair, wear something red, white, or blue, and buy a potato salad to go with it.  Can we clean the grill with marshmallows?  Probably not.  Happy 4th!

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