Happy Memorial Day! Make Chicken To Impress Your Guests.
Here's an idea, if you feel like branching out from the beer can chicken tradition on Memorial Day.
I've been making Tequila Lime Chicken for years, and it's always a hit and it's easy to make.  The only way to mess up, is if you rub your eyes after handling the jalapenos. Th…
Summer Grilling
Grilling is central to living a happy life I say, especially in Texas, and the weather this week is perfect for it! When it comes to ribs, are you for the wet or the dry rub kind?
Grilling This Weekend? Here Are Some Not-So-Helpful Tips.
Have you ever cleaned your grill with an onion?  Me neither!  A top grilling tip is to cut the onion in half and use the flat side to scrub and clean the grill instead of using a scraper. Onion lovers are high-fiving on that idea.  But wouldn't it make you cry?
Another top grilling tip is to microwav…