It's been a little over five months since Prosper, Texas cheerleader Makayla Noble had a life-changing tumbling accident that has left her paralyzed since that day.

On September 21, Makayla Noble of Prosper, Texas was tumbling in a backyard when an unexpected tumbling accident left her with a spinal cord injury that put her in the hospital and headed for surgery.

You can get more details on the accident and the backstory here.

Since then, concerned people have been keeping up with "Mak's" progress via a private Facebook page where friends, family, and supporters can post and receive updates on Makayla's condition. It's been beautiful to read such precious comments from so many people all around the world. The group now has over 60,000 members. We hope this has encouraged sweet Makayla.

On top of that, a friend of hers had set up a GoFundMe for her which has received over $220,000 in donations from people all over--not just in Texas.

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On the group page, Makayla herself has shared videos, and just seeing the hope in her face and her happy smile is inspirational. On top of that, she has made some true progress.

So how is she doing now as we've reached the five-month mark since the accident? Makayla recently used her YouTube channel to let friends and family know how she's been feeling as of late. You can watch that here:

explaining to y'all how I really feel - YouTube

She'd also done a video on YouTube several months ago to answer some FAQs she'd been receiving along the way. You can see that here:

answering y'alls questions! - YouTube

It is beyond encouraging to hear this brave young girl who has been through so much deal with this accident in such a hopeful way. Although Makayla has admitted the anniversary days of her accident have been emotionally challenging. Understandably so.

Yet she presses on hopefully. In fact, she spent the weekend of her five-month mark attending an event that was hosted by Rebel Athletic Cheer in Atlanta, Georgia.

Just this past Sunday, the Noble family shared an update in the Makayla's Fight Facebook group:

"It's been a big day for Mak! Wrapping up an amazing weekend with Rebel Athletic Cheer, we are so thankful for this opportunity and everything Rebel has done!"

To connect and learn more about what Rebel has done for Makayla and her family and more, check out the Makayla's Fight Facebook page.

We're cheering you on, Makayla!

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