When I heard the news this morning that Facebook plans to change their name, I was stunned.

Ever since they first launched in 2004, Facebook has become a part of the daily life of MILLIONS of people. Its become so ingrained in our culture that connecting on this social media platform has become a default part of making new friends, vetting potential employees, or just stalking pages of ex's and crushes.

Now granted, Facebook changing their name isn't the same as the platform disappearing. But it's still strange to consider. Will they keep that signature "Facebook blue" to which we've all become so accustomed?

So why the name change?

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Zuckerberg says he wants to change the name to better reflect the "metaverse." Um, what?

Perhaps a better way to say it, as NJ.com reports, "the name change could also be a reference to Facebook’s company direction focusing on the metaverse, or efforts to being augmented and virtual reality technologies together."

Others suggest the name change is due to the pressure Facebook has been under over what many believe are unscrupulous business practices, according to reports from CNN.

However one feels about Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg, I must confess I am intrigued by what Facebook officials say is the motivation for the change. The "metaverse" is a buzzword that has become ever more common.

NJ.com shares "the company’s vision is to create a similar space to the internet, except users can create avatars and walk around and meet with people in real time."

How interesting.

I purchased a VR Oculus system a few months ago--also a Facebook product. And we're already seeing Facebook's vision emerge in this virtual reality.

Of course you can play fun games like the wildly popular Beat Saber, for example. But there are also virtual meeting places where you already CAN create an avatar and interact with real people in virtual places--like cafes or community centers.

Does this mean "Facebook stalking" is about to go next level, though? I guess we shall see.

The official name change announcement is expected no later than October 28.

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