To get one of these wonderful little bread pockets right now, we have to drive all the way to Colorado or Nebraska.  There are at least two obvious reasons why East Texas needs runzas!

If you traveled over the holidays, maybe you visited some restaurants that we don't have in East Texas and you're wishing we had them here and wondering how in the heck we've handled the void this long.   The craving without the ability to satisfy it is a challenge no one needs, and it's precisely why I'm begging for a Runza Restaurant to come to Tyler.

If you lived in Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, or Colorado at any point in your life you're well-schooled on what runzas are. My mom made them from scratch at least once a month as I was growing up in Nebraska, and the Runza restaurant was in all the mall food courts and on every fast food row right there with McDonald's and Wendy's.

Runzas are just bread pockets filled with ground hamburger, and they're usually seasoned with salt and pepper and cabbage.  That's the traditional kind, and then you can get into the cheeseburger runza, Italian runza, Philly style, and other varieties. Yum. It's hard to make them just right, so I'm starting a campaign to bring Runza restaurants to East Texas.  Sure, we can microwave a Hot Pocket, but it's just not the same.  Runzas are softer and more homemade-tasting, even if they do come from a restaurant.

There are dozens of Runza locations in my home state of Nebraska, and the chain is headquartered in Lincoln.  Runzas were always big sellers on college football Saturdays outside the Husker stadium, and since they're easy to eat at games and tailgate parties, I'm thinking the restaurant would do really well in our football-loving towns around East Texas.  And on Tuesday nights too, when the Mama taxi is in full effect, taking kids to softball practices and church youth groups.  Since it's a bread pocket instead of a bun, the sauces are sealed in and nothing drips out, making them perfect for backseat eating.

I'll keep you posted on my efforts to bring a Runza Restaurant to East Texas.  A brand new year brings a new opportunity to try new things, and runzas are a good start.

We love all of the great spots we have now to embrace our inner foodie, but there's always room for more, so if there's another restaurant you'd love to see in your neighborhood, let me know.

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