If you think McDonald's doesn't have veggie burgers, think again.  That's one of the things on the secret menu.  Oh, and they'll put an egg on just about anything too.

In fact, there are 9 secret items you might find at an East Texas McDonald's. 

McDonald's diehards are hacking the menu and getting some secret things that most of us don't know about.  Apparently, that big well-lit menu is just a suggestion, and we can get a grilled cheese or a veggie burger with the fries if we're in the mood.

Most of the secret menu items involve simple additions or subtractions from the regular menu items, so the secret menu probably doesn't stress out the average worker too much.  Cheatsheet.com says there are nine basic secret menu items that we never knew existed.

9 Secret Menu Items at McDonald's

1. Cheap Big Mac.  You just have to order it differently.  Cheat Sheet says just order a McDouble with special sauce (that's the Big Mac sauce), extra lettuce, and no ketchup. You'll just be missing the third bun, but you'll save a carb and a few dollars.

2. Veggie Mac.  It's just like the Big Mac, but without the burger patties. They'll pull those off and leave you with the special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles and onions on the sesame seed bun.

3. Grilled cheese.  Just order a cheeseburger and hold the patty.  You can leave the pickles and ketchup on if you feel like it, or ask them to hold all of the toppings and end up with cheese and bread.  They might even put it on the grill for you for a minute.

4. Monster Mac.  This calorie load might do ya for a week.  It's got eight patties!  The usual Big Mac has two patties, but the Monster Mac has eight or more, and I'm not quite sure how you would fit it in your mouth.  But the attempt sounds like a great social media moment.

5. Add an egg.  That all-day breakfast menu comes in handy here and makes it easy for Micky D's to put an egg on any burger.  It could be the round McMuffin egg, folded eggs, scrambled eggs, or scrambled egg whites.  And if you've ever wanted to try an egg white on top of a chicken nugget, this would be your chance.

6. Chicken McGriddle.  It's a chicken patty with McGriddle cakes as the bun. It’s on the menu at some locations but Cheatsheet says it's always on the secret menu when you know what to ask for.

7. Fries with Big Mac sauce.  There’s no extra charge for sauce, and it gives you an option besides ketchup.

8. Secret dipping sauces.  In addition to the ketchup, barbecue, and honey mustard, they're got some sauces that aren't offered to just anybody.  Secret menu orderers can get sauces including Sweet and Sour, Honey Mustard, Chipotle BBQ, Tangy BBQ, Spicy Buffalo, Sweet Chili, Hot Mustard, and Creamy Ranch.

9. McCrepe.  Someone tried it and liked it, and now it's on the secret menu.  Order the pancakes and yogurt parfait separately, then put the yogurt inside the pancakes and fold them over like a crepe.

Have you had success ordering off of the secret menu around East Texas?  We'd love to know about it.  What other options have you tried?  The artisan grilled chicken sounds good -- hold the bun and add some Tangy BBQ sauce.

The possibilities are endless.

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