When I was a kid I looked forward to going on vacation or out of town for a night because it meant I got to stay in a hotel.

Back then, checking into the room meant you got to carry around that weird oblong-shaped plastic keyring with the room number stamped in the middle. But nowadays it's just a plastic credit card-looking electronic key. Checking into the hotel and getting that key made me feel like I was a celebrity because I was staying someplace new with my parents and in a new bed.

However, now that I'm more grown up the allure of checking into a hotel is no longer there. It doesn't feel the way it did when I was six, seven or even thirteen. Now I'm more aware of what takes place in hotel rooms thanks to television and the movies!

I'm not a germ-a-phobic by any stretch of the imagination, just a little more aware of my environment I guess you could say. Judging from the comments on our Facebook page after I posed the question,

What do you do in a hotel room that you don't do at home?

A lot of you have the same reservations and actions and share the same feelings about staying in a hotel room as I do now. There are certain things we're going to do upon entering the room or while in the room.

If you're leary of staying in a hotel room because of what you've seen on crime shows, on television, or in the movies, I suggest you bring your own pillow and a couple of blankets that you can throw down on the bed and attempt to get a good nights rest!

Check out some of the responses from your East Texas neighbors to my question and see what they do in a hotel room that they don't do at home. Some are quite hilarious.

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