Ever since Tyler, Texas much loved Ken's Pizza restaurant moved to their new location in the old Mr. Gatti's, there has been a fair amount of outrage coming from the peanut gallery online.

To be clear, we're certainly not saying that when service is consistently bad, or the food is awful on a regular basis, that we shouldn't speak up and make it known to our friends and family. Sometimes, that accountability is greatly needed. Even the business in question can benefit if they take those comments as helpful advice.

But in my opinion, that doesn't apply here.

Ken's Pizza in Tyler, TX is part of our East Texas community. They have consistently been a family favorite since they first opened their doors in 1961. Maybe we should give them the benefit of the doubt.

Mark House, Google Maps
Mark House, Google Maps

So all things considered, should we give Ken's Pizza a break?

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Recently, Ken's Pizza left their building to move to a larger location there in the French Quarter shopping center in Tyler, TX. Since then, it appears they've been dealing with the change as best they can.

In these first several weeks, people said the lines were coming out of the door. (So, they're obviously very busy.)

It's always difficult to get re-settled when moving to a new, bigger location. And though it's not confirmed by Ken's Pizza executives, there's also the possibility they've been dealing with labor and/or food shortages like so many other East Texas businesses.

Angel Cervantes, Google Maps
Angel Cervantes, Google Maps

Tyler area residents online have been commenting on a local social media group page about their experiences since the big move--both positive and VERY negative.

A surprising number of locals have been commenting angrily that when they went, the buffet was a little scare and they struggled to find a table in the messy dining room. I get that. That can be quite frustrating.

Yet, going to a pizza restaurant after they've just opened on a Saturday night during the holiday season? LOOK, it's gonna be busy. If you're not fond of crowds and happy chaos, it may be better to visit on a Tuesday at 5PM.

Some people were even speaking negatively about the staff that WERE working. Tell me: How does saying rude things to strangers on the internet change anything?

There were literally over a hundred comments by people expressing their anger about their first experience at the new Ken's Pizza. And again, obviously it's not fun to go to a place and deal with these frustrations.

At the same time, this has been a difficult last couple of years for our East Texas businesses. AND now we're smack dab in the midst of the holiday rush. Perhaps we could give a little grace to the businesses we've known and loved for so many years.

(Speaking of which, congrats to Ken's Pizza for celebrating FIFTY years this year. Wow.)

I think one commenter said it well here:


Yeah. That. Let's give them a chance to get their bearings. I mean, we're talking about Ken's Pizza, y'all.

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