We heard people talking about how much they love being a customer of one particular locally-owned pharmacy in Tyler, Texas.

Typically when people discuss businesses they adore, it often is a local restaurant or boutique or something along those lines. However, when a pharmacy gets this much local love, we perk up our ears and take notice. Customer service like this deserves to be talked about and we are here for it.

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So, what is it about Brickstreet Pharmacy in Tyler, TX that has locals singing their praises?

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The rave began with one Tyler woman's post of praise about her experience as a customer of Brickstreet Pharmacy on Rusk Street. Here's what Chantel Stringer had to say:

"I wanted to give a shout out to Brickstreet Pharmacy. I swear they have the NICEST people working there.


I went in yesterday to get something that I desperately needed for my son that I couldn’t find at any other local pharmacies around town, I got the last one on the shelf so I asked the guy (Kendrick) checking me out if they had any in the back and he said no but that he could order some more and it would be in today.


Well I went in today and he had it waiting up front for me! You just don’t receive that kind of amazing customer service these days. Thank you Kendrick and thank you Brickstreet!! I will definitely be back!"

It's people like Kendrick that make a difference. It's the HUMAN interaction and having a sense that people are truly listening to you and care about helping you get your needs met. Nowadays, that level of customer service just isn't always the norm. Well done, Kendrick!

But it wasn't just Chantel Stringer who was singing their praises. Others began raving in the comments, as well.

Sooo many of the comments were also focused on the incredible customer service offered by Kendrick. In fact, one friend of mine named Amy said she was bummed when she had to switch to another pharmacy due to insurance reasons and said she would miss Kendrick's incredible customer service.

Other comments focused on how consistent they were with making sure people received their meds on time. Others said they feel like family when they go in there. But the raves go on and on.

This is definitely not an advertisement, but I tell ya this much: The next time I need to choose a pharmacy, I'll definitely be giving Brickstreet Pharmacy (and Kendrick) a call.

What about you? Have you experienced extraordinary customer service in East Texas and you'd like for us to brag about them? Let me know at tara.holley@townquaremedia.com.

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