Good for us! We're #1 in terms of physical fitness! 2014 is off to a great start. If we believe our European friends, that is.

New Pew Center research says America is #1 when it comes to physical fitness. The survey asked people in Britain, France, Spain, and other spots which country had the most fit folks, and the United States rose to the top.

They love us! Apparently we know how to run quickly to those fast food restaurants and truck stops and lift fries like they're 5-pound weights. Awesome!

Increasing the fitness level is a goal for a lot of folks in the new year, myself included. I used to hit the treadmill six days a week and I did that for about eight years. Then I had kids, and they sucked the exercise time right out of my day. But it's a goal to add back the exercise time this year, if for no other reason so that the Brits will continue to think highly of me.

A friend of mine posted this on social media:  "New Year's Resolutions are a to-do list for the first week of January."  Hopefully that is not true at all and that you make it to the second week!  Let's chat in March and see how we're doing.  Happy New Year!