If your first thought is, "Ew, gross," your second thought might be, "Wait, that might be awesome."

It's Cheetos Chicken Fries, and one fast food restaurant in Tyler has plans to start cranking them out.  But only for a limited time.

Burger King is adding the new Cheetos Chicken Fries to its menu, and it's exactly what it sounds like -- chicken that's breaded in Cheetos flour and deep fried.  Today (Wednesday) is the first day you can get them.

This is a really convenient way to cram more calories into regular chicken fries, but kids who are on their way to soccer practice will burn those right off.

Next time you head over to the Burger King spot in Tyler on South Broadway, or any of the locations on The Loop, let us know what you think of these things.

It looks like Burger King wants to be known for something besides burgers, at least for now.

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